I have a genuine desire to create a strong reassuring sense of trust, confidence and satisfaction for my clients. It’s important that I provide you with the knowledge I have so you can make the best decisions for yourself with my guidance. There’s never a ‘no’ from me, what’s crucial is where can you get to today and/or, what do we need to do in order to get you to where you want to be, and how long will that take. Reflecting the long term approach I employ, the strategies I advise take into account what benefits your current objectives and goals. Yet, also looks at your future foreseeable goals over the next 3/5/10 years in advance to ensure the decisions you make today only benefit you over time. I’m with you for the life of your lending and beyond. As a Mortgage & Finance Advisor, who is an expectation manager, it’s important to me that I deliver upon what I say to create trust between my clients. Being named Young Gun of the Year at the Australian Mortgage Awards two years in a row confirms my practices and strategies are aligned with great outcomes for my clients. If I could summarise myself in a few words, it would be that I specialise in thinking outside the box. A baseball tragic, on the weekend you will find me on the diamond. (Go Yankees)!